Monday, February 25, 2013

Kiawah Island HGTV Dream Home 2013 Tour: Another Persective

HGTV's Kiawah Island Dream Home 2013

As promised, here are the HGTV Dream Home 2013 tour photos taken by the friend who accompanied me on this fun tour!  She managed to get a lot more outdoor shots, a number of pictures in the garage level, and even photographed a closet (something I neglected to do this year).  Let's start with the foyer, with all of those baskets for storage:

And then move on to the powder room:

Here is the master bedroom (piled high with the outdoor furniture cushions to protect them from the rain squall outside):

And the luxuriously large master bathroom tub:

This is a view of the connecting doorway between the pantry and the laundry room (more outdoor cushions being stored in the laundry room):

My friend loves color even more than I do (and I do love color!) and is especially fond of coastal colors.  She adored the bright blue walls of the laundry room.  I liked the way interior designer Linda Woodrum grounded that brightness with the dark neutral floor and window coverings.

A good look at the microwave oven and wine fridge in the pantry, as well as that lovely lamp and the artwork behind it, which really complements the design of the lamp (Linda Woodrum has such a keen eye for details like that):

A view of the kitchen from the pantry:

A view of the dining room and great room from the pantry:

The lap pool as seen from the kitchen:

And the open shelves corner in the kitchen (great minds do think alike, don't they?  I took the same three shots!):

The great room fireplace (perfect for a cold and rainy day like the one when we were there):

The upstairs loft overlooking the great room, with that beautiful curved railing:

Now on up the stairs to the next level, past some of my favorite artwork again:

Artwork by the same artist in the upstairs hallway, plus a peek into the loft (and I've forgotten to mention how much I love those bamboo floors!):

The bunk bed niche and dresser in the corner:

This is the twin suite bathroom:

And here is the twin suite bedroom:

Across the hall is the guest suite -- first the bathroom:

Next the bedroom:

And... the guest suite CLOSET!!!

This closet was huge, as was the one for the twin suite, with plenty of room for storing clothes as well as linens.

Finally, the loft:

And then it was on to the garage level, first passing the golf club storage closet:

Then the garage itself with all of that storage for bikes and kayaks (the GMC Acadia barely took up a quarter of that huge space, and it is not a small vehicle):

Here is the playroom, with those wonderful daybeds:

This next image is a good shot because it shows another storage area behind the golf club closet (that opening near the back of the photo).  If you look at the garage floor plans, you will see a doorless, slightly L-shaped space there with quite a bit of room to store items like those outdoor furniture cushions:

And all too soon, it was time to depart.  Here are a few outdoor shots as we headed to our shuttle bus:

As you can see, this home looks fantastic even on the dreariest of days.  The winner of the Kiawah Island Dream Home will be a very lucky person indeed, and whether they decide to keep the house or not, I know they will enjoy their visit, just as we did!


  1. Nice to have the camera's perspective in this way, got some nice shots and I just love that loft don't you?!
    I entered but missed a lot of days here and there - whoever wins will be so very lucky indeed /agreed! And of course, my fingers are always crossed ;)

  2. Thanks so much CplusE. You and your friend were so lucky. I was like ChristinNC, above, I missed a lot of days too. Good luck to you and your friend. SweetLiz