Monday, September 19, 2011

Serenbe Visit Continued: Details

One of the charming things about Serenbe is the attention to detail seen in even the most mundane objects.  The sign above marks the site of the 2012 Green Home, and it is most attractively done.  Even the "No Trespassing" signs look this good!

This building in the town center, which houses a spa and a photography gallery, has a lovely butterfly and flower mural painted on the side, which would otherwise have been a blank expanse of brick wall:

Butterflies were flitting about while we were there, as a lot of the plantings around town as well as in the front yards of homes attracted them, such as this butterfly bush, which is a favorite with Tiger Swallowtail butterflies:

This colorful cottage garden fronted an equally colorful cottage painted a cheerful yellow, with a bright red metal roof:

Here are a couple of late-blooming perennials that we saw:

Sedum "Autumn Joy" (the bumblebees were loving this)

Purple coneflower (a butterfly landed on this flower but flew off before I could get a picture)

I saw a Tiger Swallowtail and a Gulf Fritillary butterfly, but was not quick enough as a photographer to get pictures!  I do hope the Green Home has plantings that will attract butterflies, which are abundant and beautiful in Georgia.

Serenbe's town center has the most unique street lamps that I have ever seen:

They look very organic, almost like some giant exotic flowering plant!

I loved this little detail -- embedded in the town sidewalks are metal letters spelling out the street name:

A little hard to read because it was partially shaded, but it does say "Selborne Lane".

The Serenbe Farmers Market has its own established spot just outside of the town center:

As you leave the Selborne neighborhood, headed in the direction of the Inn at Serenbe, this shaded bench is thoughtfully placed at the edge of town for weary walkers to rest (I think there is also one of the many trails headed off to the left in this picture, but we did not have time to explore):

Even the authoritative command of a stop sign is softened by an artistic surrounding of metal branches:

In fact, all of the street signs are adorned in this way, turning ordinary necessities into something special.

They do take the idea of recycling seriously in Serenbe.  Here, instead of cutting up and hauling off a downed tree at the entrance to the Serenbe Stables, the exposed roots and trunk were turned into an impressive and inviting railing for the entranceway (my sharp-eyed husband noticed this one):

Well, that's the extent of my photographic endeavors -- I hope you've enjoyed seeing Serenbe and the 2012 Green Home through my eyes!  When I get my husband's photos I will post them so you can get an Ecoguy's perspective (I decided my hubby needed a blogger name, and since he is an ecologist I am giving him this one whether he likes it or not!).  He said this morning that he is ready to go back and stay at the inn whenever I can make the arrangements, so expect more pictures in November!  I may post more information about life in Georgia and any noteworthy information I happen to discover about Serenbe here as well, if I find I have the time.  In the mean time, just remember the mantra "Serenity Now!"   

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